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Crystal's Music Bio
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Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo) is a self-contained singer-songwriter, music producer, film & tv music composer, music publisher, & music scholar recording on her own independent record label, URSPIRIT Recordings, (which has dual meanings of Underground Railroad Spirit and also that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience). She is a truly prolific, consciousness-raising artist and medicine woman who sees & conveys deep truth, honesty, and a higher vision for her community and the world. She stands apart in her boldness in dealing with the issues we face today in a unique and "crystal-clear" manner. She is a "true artist" doing "truth and medicine music".  She is also a very accomplished jazz vocalist and composer, specializing in her own brand of spiritual jazz she calls "Afro Spirit Free Jazz" (the title of her upcoming 2-CD Set) soon to be released as a companion to her Free Jazz Improvisation Book, she recently released.  The CD, (inspired by her interview with Ornette Coleman for her graduate thesis turned book, which became a song in itself containing spiritual and mystical lyrics) sparked Crystal to continue to write spiritual and Afrocentric lyrics to standards by some of the greatest jazz composers and giants, including:  John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Bobbie Hutcherson, Kenny Dorham, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Juan Tizol, Ray Noble, Randy Weston, Stanley Turrentine, Bobby Hebb, Ned Washington, Bronislau Kaper, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin.

Crystal is also a scholar and music researcher who has earned a B.S. degree in Pre-Medicine from Eastern Michigan University, an M.A. degree in Music from California State University-Los Angeles, (specializing in music of the African Diaspora, including Jazz & Afro-Latin), and has completed two post-graduate certificate programs in both Filmscoring and Music Business from UCLA Extension. 

Onyinyechi-Chipo are names given her by spirit, with her work as a spiritual healer, which were later revealed to mean "gift of God" and "gift" in Igbo and Shona tribal languages of her ancestors from West and South Central Africa.  BlackCreek is her tribal name, from her maternal great-grandmother's African & Native-American heritage. Her paternal great-grandmother grew up on a reservation as well, tribe unknown. Underground Railroad Spirit Recordings pays homage to her enslaved African ancestors, now in the spirit world, honoring their struggle for freedom. It also symbolizes the continued struggle for equality today and her personal journey to freeing herself as an artist & composer & releasing her message through music to the world to inspire and uplift others and promote healing, racial equality, freedom, harmony, understanding, self-love, respect for differences, peace within the individual, peace in the neighborhoods, and peace in the world, hence the label's motto, "liberating souls & minds through music". 

Crystal is no newcomer to the music business. She actually started playing piano by ear at the age of 5, (when I first learned to play Horace Silver's "Song For My Father" and started writing poetry, working with song lyrics, making mix tapes, and re-wiring music equipment, and studying the music of Billie Holiday by the tender age of 12, (a sign of a jazz vocalist, songwriter, & music producer in the making). Just recently, she remembered a film theme song she heard at the age of 3, that stuck with her all these years, until she allowed that theme to inspire a film score she recently composed. This too was a sign of her preparation & future work as a filmmusic composer. She has co-written hit, chart-topping singles on past albums by artists on Capitol Records and Virgin Records. She has done vocals on major albums and collaborated with many successful songwriters and producers. She briefly toured Italy with her own band, generating interest from CBS Records in Milan, Italy and did a brief stint as lead singer of the all-female black rock band, PMS, generating a lot of industry interest from major publishers and major record labels in the U.S. 

Crystal's worked both in front of the camera as an actress in film & tv and has worked behind the scenes at companies like Universal Music Group, BET, Stevie Wonder's Steveland Morris Productions, and Sony Pictures Legal. She also has worked as an Entertainment Consultant and Publisher in her own companies, where she advised and helped actors, film crews, screenwriters, & directors secure agency representation and work on film productions, including BET's Arabesque Films. She also helped music managers and producers negotiate and understand their business negotiations and contracts and administered her own publishing on her song catalog. 

She currently has written well over 200 songs, yet to be released, through her catalog. Crystal also was awarded an artistic residency to teach songwriting to at-risk youth by the LA Cultural Affairs Dept.and was a Goldmenber of the National Academy of Songwriters for approaching 500,000 units in record sales on an album. She is also a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, (SAG), American Federation of Television and Recording Artists, (AFTRA), and American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, (ASCAP), and has film & television acting credits as well. She has studied, lived, & traveled abroad, including the Carribbean,  Toronto, London, Paris, Cannes, Edinburgh, Brussels, Milan, Florence, Rome,etc. She is fluent in Italian and is learning French, Spanish, and Igbo. 

She is also currently working on a project series of CDs, titled: "Spirit Songs and Chants", that includes songs & chants, such as: "Call of The Water Spirits", "I am Home", "Know You Are One", and "You Create with The One", etc. She will release these projects on her label, URSPIRIT Recordings
Crystal says, in closing, I'm just doing what I'm guided to do from the source, from whence my gift of song comes". "In this way, I am a channel of song, or vessel of spirit, bringing through what is given me to do, for the greater good of all." 

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