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Testimonials on Crystal's Songwriting & Jazz Vocals

Testimonials on Crystal's Songwriting & Jazz Vocals
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What People Are Saying About Crystal's Songwriting and Jazz Vocals:

"Your lyrics are strong." -- Stanley Clarke, bassist, composer

"Your music is very rhythmic and very funky." -- Walter Scott, co-lead vocalist of the Whispers

"Your music is very "heavy" lyric-wise." -- Nick Smith, jazz pianist, Nick Smith Trio

"We feel you're one of the nation's best songwriters." -- National Academy of Songwriters 

"You have a beautiful tone." -- Renee' Fisher, jazz vocalist

"...a beautiful instrument..." -- Denni Clarke, former jazz vocal coach at the World Stage in Leimert Park Village, LA,CA

"Here's a true jazz singer.  She can improvise and do whatever she wants.  She can take liberty.  You can tell the first couple of bars."  -- Howlett Smith, singer, composer, jazz vocal coach at the World Stage in Leimert Park Village, LA,CA

"You sing like you're playing a horn." -- Bobby Sears, jazz drummer

"You sound marvelous, wonderful, a beautiful voice.  You should be singing around somewhere, professionally." -- Matt Gibson, actor, singer, percussionist

"I like your liberation lyrics...(the resistance).  You are an edgy risk-taker...unpredictable in a good way." -- Jeffrey Winston, jazz drummer, jazz historian, conguero

"...a beautiful voice..." -- Dante', jazz vocalist

"Your voice is great...you're there...you got it.  You should get yourself a band" -- Raafiq Abdul-Wahaa, jazz trumpeter

"You improvise like Abbey Lincoln...she played with my husband (bassist-Larry Gales) and has been over to the house...." -- Rose Gales, jazz pianist

"...a risk-taker who's got a very melodic line and she keeps bending and turning it, the highs, the lows, the twists and turns.  She takes great risks.  A lady who's got a lot of good music in her, striving to get it out...a dare angel...as Abbey Lincoln said it in a tune, 'Bird alone with no mate, turning corners, tempting fate, turning cartwheels in the sky, Bird alone flying high'....
You are so primed for the spontaneity." -- Alah'deen, jazz trumpeter, singer, composer

"You got loose up there." -- Lee Solomon Muhammed, jazz vocalist, jazz educator, great citizen of the universe

"You find interesting paths to scat and they are not predictable....  It's fresh.  You're hearing something not run of the mill, and you're executing it.  You're singing 'jazz'...lovely jazzy chords, working the scale, minor...not typical notes...really getting inside the music...really jazz". -- Denise, jazz vocalist

"You have perfect pitch..." -- Alonzo, jazz vocalist

"You hit the notes right on everytime..." -- Barbara, vocalist

"You go off with abandon"... -- Yolanda Poe, jazz vocalist

"You're another instrument.  Your voice is great!  Your passages are like Ella Fitzgeralds.  You have such a progressive music.  "You're the next one, after Nina Simone and Esperanza Spaulding" -- Hilliard Street, singer, percussionist, composer

"I'm with you baby....  You were right there....  Everything you did was hip." -- Baron Woodman, jazz saxophonist

"You are very musical" -- Clarence Witherspoon, jazz saxophonist

"That was great music...I like what you're doing..." -- Chester Whitmore, LACC professor and conductor for UCLA Jazz Big Bands

"You do some interesting stuff that I know some folks at the Lincoln Center would be interested in, because you're telling a story...not even realizing how well you'r telling it" -- Darrell T. Alston, vocal coach at the World Stage, vocalist, pianist, music director for Marilynn McCoo and Billy Davis

"You do such beautiful things...cause you listen to the horns....  You're a real jazz singer.  You have a real jazz sense...a true jazz singer...the 'new Betty Carter'...that sense you have of the jazz to marry it with the music...what you do to make it gel really stands out.  Betty was a matter-of-fact, truthful lady, not a compromiser.  You hear your own drummer.  You go somewhere everybody else don't wanna' go.  You're that unique.  Pure jazz...pure jazz licks..." -- Ann Mack, jazz vocalist

"That was some improvisation right there....  Good job on the vocals..." -- Carl, military jazz band director, jazz bassist

"You sound great girl.  You have creativity."  -- Quentin Dennard, jazz drummer

"There aren't many places for creativity.  I like what you're doing.  That's what keeps me going...what you're doing."  -- Carl Burnett, legendary jazz drummer

"Before Betty Carter passed, she was concerned about who was gonna' be, (she said) 'singing jazz...after me, who is there?.'  After her (Betty), wasn't nobody doing nothing like that, per interaction....  There's nobody really doing that right now...interacting with that kind of spirit.  There's a lotta' great vocalists singing wonderful tunes, but 'a true jazz singer'....  I believe Crystal is in that tradition.  Yeah, she get's to it like Betty Carter.  I'm a' start calling her 'Baby Betty' -- Jacques Lesure, jazz guitarist, composer, educator

"You like to do that modal sh#%t!  She was improvising Coltrane solos buddy...!!! -- Eddie "Sticks" Skiffer, jazz drummer

"You are extraordinary" -- Darryl Dawu Daniels, conguero

"You are a presence" -- anonymous

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